The following resources will help you understand the advantages of PTAC Energy Saver’s Active Climate Controller (ACC). To learn more, request samples, or place orders: Contact Us.

Given the success of the multi-patented ACC over multiple years, the core ACC technology has been marketed by multiple companies under labels that have included Demand Responder, Adaptive Photonic Controller and Comfort-Plus Drive(TM) by Carrier.

Overview Files:

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Performance and Industry Leadership Count:

A hospital with 500 fan coils, paying 10 cents/kWh, could save up to $87,000 per year by having the fan coil VSD retrofitted onto existing units, with a

Payback of 1.7 years
and a

return-on-investment (ROI) of 58 percent

Click here for the file: CARRIER-ACC-Fan-Coil-VSD-Hospital-ROI

Click here for the file: CARRIER-ACC-on-Fan-Coil-Doc

Click here for the file: CARRIER-Fan-Coil-Excerpt

Validation Testing Results

Click here for the 68 page file: ACC-Validation-Tests-68-pages

The testing has been conducted by the following organizations:

  1. ConEdison, Manhattan Plaza New York City
  2. Environmental Test Laboratory, Ohio
  3. EME Consulting Engineers (Third Party), Sponsored by NYSERDA, New York
  4. State University of New York, Oneonta, NY
  5. Tim Garrison (Third Party Testing)
  6. McQuay Cooling Tests
  7. Purdue University Tests (Phoenix)
  8. ConEdison Tests by ERS


Click here for the file: New-York-State-Joint-Utilities-HVAC-excerpt-with-calculations

Third Party Review:

Click here for the file: Massachusetts-Technology-Assessment-Committee-scorecard

Additional Information:

Click here for the file: Demand-Responder-ACC-Presentation-2022.06.02